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Private money lenders provide private investment funds for investors looking to buy commercial real estate and residential real estate at discounts.

Today, the real estate market is flooded with these types of properties.

If you’re looking to buy real estate with your IRA or have the funds to invest in real estate, there has not been a better time to become a private money lender.

Who Can be a Private Money Lender

  • You are interested in IRA money lending and want to invest
  • You have a settlement you want to invest
  • You have extra income you want to invest
  • You have money and you want to make more of it

What are the Benefits Of Becoming A Private Money Lender?

Being a private money lender gives you many happy returns, including:

  • Income from Interest
  • Income from a % of sells
  • Income from Rental property

Are there any Risks?

Private money lenders are independent lenders and have many freedoms that commercial lenders and banks don’t.
As a private money lender you can choose:

  • Where to invest
  • How much to invest
  • An interest rate
  • A payment schedule

As a private money lender you can require:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Whatever else you’d like in order to protect your investment

The benefits of private money lending are numerous, and the risks are few. If you have extra money burning a hole in your pocket, why not invest that money to help others, while still gaining income from your investment?

IRA Real Estate investing is great way to earn a higher return. When you become a hard money lender for real estate you can reap all the rewards of real estate investing without doing any of the work!

Click the blue link to discover how you can become a private money lender, where you can invest, and who is ready to meet you now!

Are you a commercial real estate investor looking for commercial mortgage lenders to get you the private money you need to fund more deals?

Simply click the link and complete the short commercial financing application.  We can close your commercial real estate deals in 15 days or less!

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